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We provide a unique service to interprit your ideas & concepts in order to manufacture high quality bespoke furniture that reflects your visions. Whether a one off or a high volume of items. Our attention to detail is precise and we pride ourselves on the care and quality we provide to our customers.

We pride ourseleves on the quality & durability of our cabinets. Each of our units are hand made to your specific specifications. The secret of all our bespoke designs is that they are made with you in mind to the highest quality . Whether you are requiring a kitchen, tranquil bedroom, home office, business or study with our services the skys the limit. We will transform your ideas into reality  with care and attention to your specific detail causing minimal stress and time.

We have and can manufacture complete bar installations, counters, tables to your specific requirements suiting all budgets. Hotel bedrooms are a speciality including hideaway beds. We have produced bespoke reception areas, desks, meeting rooms, shop interiors and exteriors, resource areas, panelling, doors and casings, storage walls, panelling. We are flexible to accommodate your specific requirements. With over 40 years experience you won't be disappointed.


Commercial Design
Bespoke Design

Home Styling

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